Nissan has launched legal action against Vote Leave, arguing that the Brexit campaign has used the firm's branding despite repeated requests to desist

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Nissan has launched legal action against the official Brexit campaign over use of its logos (Source: Getty)

Nissan is to sue the official Brexit campaign Vote Leave over repeated use of the Japanese firm's logo.

The manufacturer said that the Leave camp has continued to use Nissan branding in campaign materials, despite “repeated requests” not to do so.

“Permission to use our name and logo was not requested. If it was, it would not have been granted,” Nissan said.

“We have repeatedly asked Vote Leave to stop using our name and logo on their materials and to stop misrepresenting our views – a request that has clearly been denied.

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“As such, we will be issuing legal proceedings today [June 20th] in the High Court asking for an injunction to stop Vote Leave’s use of Nissan’s name and logo, and to prevent them from making any further false statements and misrepresentations concerning Nissan.”

A Vote Leave spokesman declined to comment.

It comes days after three of the UK's largest employers also threatened the Leave campaign with legal action over its use of logos.

Unilever, Airbus and General Electric all warned that they would take action after their firms' branding appeared in Vote Leave material.

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