EU referendum: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn readies himself for Sky News appearance

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Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Lays Out Reasons To Vote Remain In EU Referendum
Corbyn will take questions from a representative group of younger voters (Source: Getty)

In his latest bid to shore up support for a Remain vote, Jeremy Corbyn will tonight take part in a Sky News debate, taking questions from younger voters.

Having suspended campaigning after the tragic death of Jo Cox last week, Corbyn is to make a live television appearance ahead of the vote on Thursday.

In format, Corbyn will take questions from a "representative selection of young people", Sky News said.

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Polling has indicated that younger Britons are more likely to want to remain in the EU than older segments of the electorate.

However, it is also thought that younger voters are the least likely to vote, hence why those on the Remain side have pleaded with them to get out and vote on the day.

The debate will come after Corbyn yesterday appeared on the Andrew Marr show, admitting the UK can't have an upper limit on immigration while there is free movement of Labour within the EU.

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Meanwhile, writing in the Telegraph, pro-Leave campaigner Boris Johnson has made last ditch appeal to voters to "seize the once in a lifetime opportunity of Brexit and change the whole course of European history".

Polling last week indicated a shift toward pro-Brexit support. However, two recent polls by YouGov and Survation have put Remain ahead.

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