Euro 2016: City boys don't mince their words, as one lairy Square Miler opens up on his risky £20,000 bet on England winning the European Championships

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England Fans Arrive In Marseille For The Start Of UEFA Euro 2016
Football fans aren't ones to beat around the bush (Source: Getty)

Football fans in the City don't do things by halves.

Or at least that is the only reason The Capitalist believes one high-rolling millennial in the Square Mile decided to put £20,000 on England winning the European Championships.

One Londoner may have already lost a five-figure sum betting £10,000 on the Lions in the final minutes of the their first match against Russia, but the anonymous City boy is unfazed, placing £20,000 on England's victory.

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"People might call me mad, but I think they can do it," said the money maker. With odds of 7/1, the high-rolling punter could collect £140,000 if England win.

The Manchester United fan may only be in his 20s, but said his bet was inspired by the golden age of football in England.

According to the brash better, in the first match against Russia our team displayed the kind of passion and spirit reminiscent of England's 1966 World Cup victory.

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"Least I hope it was something like '66 or I've ****ed it up royally."

Spoken like a true City boy, the football fan didn't mince his words when it came to England player Raheem Sterling's less-than-sterling performance in the tournament so far, and had some tips for manager Roy Hodgson ahead of Monday's game against Slovakia.

"I can't believe Roy started Sterling again, he has to be dropped for Slovakia. He's ****ing s***."

Language, son. Wash your mouth out.

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