Now you can't even escape your boss at Glastonbury, as EE launches Wifi hotspots at this year's festival

Edith Hancock
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Now you can see Muse and check the FTSE index at the same time

Around 70 per cent of UK workers say they are regularly asked to work outside of their office hours, but the summer festival season should offer some relief.

Starting from Thursday and wrapping up on Sunday night, those heading to Glastonbury need to take at least three days of annual leave to enjoy the whole thing, and revellers can't be relied on to have access to their emails in the middle of a field.

But now, sponsors EE have made sure you never have to miss a strongly-worded note from the boss again, turning hedges at this year's festival into free 4G Wifi access spots.

Glastonbury’s "hedgeliners" are shaped as the Pyramid Stage, Park Tower and the Arcadia Spider, which the firm says were the most shared locations at the festival last year.

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Bad news for those who need to have already set up their automated out-of-office replies for Thursday and Friday - EE boasts that the horticultural development gives revellers can share important documents and project updates with access to "superfast 4G speeds and instant uploading".

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Ensuring all festival-goers can be held accountable all weekend-long while still enjoying Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's main stage performance, EE is providing specially-designed phone "recharge tents", and a Glastonbury app which lets you catch-up on the acts you missed while you were busy checking the FTSE.

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