Ocadon't: Half of us shun online shopping

Helen Cahill
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Christmas Shoppers In London
Half of us refuse to shop online (Source: Getty)

High streets are still a major destination for customers, as research released today found half of shoppers shun online.

The study by Cardlytics looked at the spend data of more than two million shoppers, looking at fashion, footwear, beauty and department stores over a year.

Although online is becoming an increasingly important growth sector in retail, the study found 50 per cent of customers only go to the high street, a shopping centre, or both, when they are looking to buy their goods.

Website surfers spend a lot; the average spend per purchase is £259 online, compared to £89 when shoppers hit the high street (this study looked at shoppers on Oxford Street). This doesn't take into account returns, however, so this may well account for the inflated internet spend.

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Online shopping is, of course, far more convenient; people who opt for internet shopping spend more frequently. The average customer online will go on a virtual shopping trip every nine weeks, compared to every ten weeks for people going to physical stores.

Patrick Venker, managing director of Cardytics, said: "This data really emphasises the importance of a multi-channel offer. Despite the increasing prominence of online retail, it is clear from our research that it is not for everyone.

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"Above all else it is clear that customers use different channels for different categories. Regardless of the reason, the study shows that bricks and mortar shops still have a crucial role to play in the retail world.

"It's therefore the retailers which appeal to customers across multiple channels which will ultimately triumph."