Seven out of ten Tories think that a Brexit vote would be good for entrepreneurs, according to new research

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Almost three quarters of Conservative MPs say Brexit would be good for small businesses, but will they vote that way next week? (Source: Getty)

Seven in 10 Conservative MPs say that Brexit would be good for British entrepreneurs, according to a Yougov survey.

In research commissioned by The Entrepreneurs Network, the pollster found that 88 per cent felt entrepreneurial activity would improve if the UK was exempt from EU business regulation, while 70 per cent said it would be better for the UK to leave altogether.

In a survey of 106 Tory MPs, the study found that while the party remains divided on the Brexit vote itself, there is strong support to make it easier for foreign entrepreneurs to move to the UK. In addition, almost 60 per cent say that it should be simpler to recruit workers from outside the EU.

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By contrast a huge 97 per cent of Labour MPs said that leaving the EU would be negative for entrepreneurs.

Hollie Gallagher, head of the entrepreneurs team at London law-firm Bircham Dyson Bell said: "Entrepreneurship is increasingly international and the statistics show recognition among MPs – regardless of their position on Brexit – that to facilitate business growth entrepreneurs must be able to access the global market for talent as well as having a domestic workforce whose skills are being improved."

The figures comes as a survey of 100 leading tech experts has found overwhelming support for the EU, with 84 per cent backing membership.

Research conducted by boutique headhunters Gordon & Eden also found that three quarters thought Brexit would make it harder to recruit talent.

A third also said they did not know whether they would locate a tech business in London if the country votes Leave.

The survey findings will be announced today at In Demand: Tech Talent and the EU, a series of debates held at Bloomberg LP to examine the challenges and opportunities Brexit would bring to London’s tech companies.

Gordon & Eden co-founder Sophie Eden said: “We must listen to the concerns of Britain’s fastest growing sector if we are to continue to retain a competitive edge for the industry and transform our economy.”