Nigel Farage takes on Bob Geldof in naval battles... it's the latest bizarre round of the EU referendum

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Nigel Farage Joins Fishing For Leave On A Flotilla Down The Thames
It's all hands on deck as a Brexit flotilla takes on the Remainiacs on the Thames today. (Source: Getty)

The EU referendum campaign reached its logical conclusion today, with a fleet of Brexit backing fishermen hosing down Bob Geldof in the middle of the river Thames.

Geldof was leading a pro-Remain fleet down the Thames on the same day as Ukip leader Nigel Farage led the fishermen in their own Brexit flotilla.

The Farage fleet carried flags protesting against EU fishing quotas as part of a protest as they travelled from Tower Bridge to Westminster.

However, they met with Geldof's group, which attempted to encircle the Brexiteers as the Ukip leader joined the fleet.

And within minutes a small fishing boat turned a hose on the Remain vessel.

Leading Remain supporter - and Boris Johnson's sister - Rachel Johnson to conclude that the Ukip leader had turned tail.

Or maybe it just took him longer to arrive at his destination.

Proud moments for all concerned.

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