EU referendum: Just one in 10 bets taken in past two days back Remain as Leave makes strides in polls

James Nickerson
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Recent polls have indicated a Leave bounce (Source: Getty)

Punters are starting to back the pro-Brexit camp with just one in 10 bets placed in the last 48 hours being in favour of Remain with one bookmaker.

While a slew of polls has put Leave ahead of Remain, Sporting Index has also found a flood of bets backing Leave over the past 48 hours has sunk Remain to its lowest ever level on leading political spread betting company Sporting Index's Brexit markets.

Traders at Sporting Index now predict Remain’s vote share to be just 51 per cent, the lowest since the company’s markets opened in early March.

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Ed Fulton, political spokesman for Sporting Index, said: “It’s been a devastating few days for the Remain campaign, with polling indicating the momentum is now behind Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Co.

“Our political trading team has seen a level of activity that usually only occurs on polling day for a General Election, and to say it’s been one-way traffic is an understatement – just one in ten bets taken have backed Remain."

Meanwhile, Sporting Index also predicts turnout of 68 per cent.