London mayor Sadiq Khan has cited a controversial "beach body" campaign as an example of advertising that would be banned under new rules

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London mayor Sadiq Khan has been expanding on his plans to bar unrealistic and unhealthy body imagery on TfL advertising (Source: Getty)

London mayor Sadiq Khan has suggested that new advertising rules for TfL would extend beyond rulings made by watchdogs, citing one controversial campaign as an example.

Khan announced yesterday that the rules would come into force from next month, blocking adverts that create unhealthy or unrealistic body images.

And speaking on LBC today, Khan cited a 2015 advert as the kind of marketing that would be banned.

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The Protein World “beach body ready” campaign was backed by the advertising standards authority, but Khan said it would be looked down on by a new steering committee, which will include industry players.

Last year's controversial Protein World ad was approved by the regulator

“The consumer feedback that we received on that advert, it did give the impression to Londoners that there was pressure to confirm to an unrealistic body shape," Khan said, adding that despite the ASA's verdict, different rules should apply to TfL's advertising estate than those used elsewhere.

“There’s a very big difference between adverts you see in a magazine and ads that you see on a platform that you can’t look away from,” he said.

Khan added that rather than banning such adverts where concerns are raised, advertisers would be asked to tweak marketing before it is launched.

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