EU referendum: Brexit camp is storming ahead with just over one week to go

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Boris Johnson Leads 48Hour Brexit Blitz Of Campaigning
Johnson has been drawing attention to immigration in recent weeks (Source: Getty)

With just over one week to go the Leave campaign has stormed ahead in the latest polling.

The Brexit camp now has 49 per cent of the vote, compared to Remain's 48 per cent among those definite to vote in the latest ORB poll.

It's the first time the Leave side has been ahead since the beginning of April.

Still, as has been noted, it may not make too much sense to focus on any recent polling as it all could change at the last minute.

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However, two recent ICM polls (one online and one phone) have put Leave ahead, whilst the two most recent YouGov polls have indicated growing support for Leave.

In YouGov's latest poll Leave has the lead by seven per cent, up from the previous one where Leave was ahead by just one per cent. In the poll conducted just before that, Remain had edged ahead by one per cent.

Writing in the Telegraph, David Cameron's election guru Sir Lynton Crosby said that Leave's tactics "may be beginning to pay off".

Still, in the ORB poll, when considering all voters and not just those certain to vote - the Brexit campaign has registered an increase of four points in the last week and is now on 44 per cent, compared to Remain which has seen its share of the vote fall by three points to 49 per cent.

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Leave has been turning away from an economic argument and focusing more on immigration of late, putting an alternative in the form of a points-based system. It has also been drawing attention to the hypothetical accession of Turkey to the EU.

However, EU officials and the UK government maintain that Turkey is nowhere near close to joining the EU. Even Boris Johnson has said that it's not going to happen anytime soon.

The recent polling comes as Labour is launching its "fight back" after claims it had been a passive observer in the debate so far. Its leader Jeremy Corbyn is due to speak today to rally unions and the whole Labour movement for a final push - focusing on workers' rights, the environment and tax transparency.

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