A new ICM poll shows a growing lead for Leave campaigners ahead of next week's EU referendum

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David Cameron Visits Abbey Road Studios
New polling figures suggest that David Cameron could be walking into a referendum defeat next week. (Source: Getty)

The latest poll figures show support for leaving the EU is growing amongst the British voting public with figures from a pair of ICM polls increasing Brexit's lead to six points.

Figures from ICM show a 53 per cent now back Brexit, compared to 47 per cent for Remain, with the lead mirrored across both online and phone polling.

The last time the pollster reported a survey, Leave campaigners enjoyed a lead of four points. In a poll commissioned by the Guardian, ICM found that while 58 per cent of Labour voters back the EU, just 47 per cent of Conservatives say the same.

Similarly, 56 per cent of those aged 18 to 34 say they will vote remain, compared to just 39 per cent of pensioners aged 65 and over.

And while 57 per cent of voters in professional “AB” grade occupations are in favour of staying in Europe, just 29 per cent of skilled manual workers say the same.

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The figures are the latest in a string of surveys showing growing support for Brexit, with pollsters pointing to a lead for Leave, or at least a narrowing of the lead for Remain, since late May.

In particular, campaigners have succeeded in forcing the EU debate to focus on immigration, and been boosted by official figures which last week showed net migration had risen to 333,000 last year, while a report from Migration Watch today claimed that the UK faces net migration of over a quarter of a million for the next 20 years if it stays in EU.

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