Ascot organisers help racegoers find their very own thoroughbred with new "club" enclosure

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Royal Ascot - Ladies Day
Good news for those on the hunt for a stud at Ascot this year (Source: Getty)

With the Queen celebrating her 90th birthday this year, Royal Ascot has been tipped to be bigger than ever.

The limo has been booked, the champagne chilled and the course grass cut to no more than four inches high, and some 300,000 elegant equine enthusiasts are expected to descend on Ascot this week.

Whether you’re making an entrance in one of the 400 helicopters or emerging elegantly from among the 600 limos that grace the car park each year, race organisers have catered to your every whim - and they've even added a trendy club to help you find your perfect match.

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Some 51,000 bottles of champagne are drunk each year in the Royal, Windsor and Queen Anne Enclosures, but for those who find the etiquette of the traditional suites too stuffy, over 1,000 cocktails are expected to be served in the new and raucous Villiers Club, opening for the first time this year.

Situated on the Heath side of the track opposite the main grandstand, the new suite is designed to have a club-like feel where guests have access to their own bar, DJ and live entertainment.

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The new suite spells good news for those on the hunt for a thoroughbred of their own. Event organisers assure us the music-heavy Villiers Club's decor is designed to be "ideal for socialising".

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