Brexit could lead to another (emergency) Budget

William Turvill
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The Chancellor George Osborne Prepares To Give His Budget To Parliament
George Osborne has delivered a lot of Budgets recently (Source: Getty)

How about this as a motivation for a Remain vote in the EU referendum? A Brexit could lead to yet another Budget within weeks of the vote.

City advisers have told the Times that, because a Brexit would result in a “substantial change” to official forecasts in March, an emergency Budget would have to be organised.

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One banker told the newspaper: “The chancellor would need to announce that a Budget would be coming to set out new forecasts and stop the sell-off of sterling.”

This could effectively mean a fourth Budget in a year.

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Because the 2015 general election came shortly after March’s Budget, the new Conservative government held another one in July. We then had the November Spending Review and Autumn Statement before this March’s latest Budget.

Yesterday, a new poll conducted this week by ORB for the Independent showed a 10-point lead for Leave over Remain.

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