This new machine can tell how much muscle, fat and water you're carrying

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This is what my skeleton looks like

Smartwatches and fitness trackers claim to provide you with a plethora of information that can help you stick to your fitness goals. But in reality the information they provide is often superficial or, worse, useless. Knowing how many steps you’ve taken, or what your heartrate is, rarely plays into the average exercise regime.

But that’s not to say technology can’t be a useful tool: City gym No.1 Fitness has a new Boditrax Bioelectric Impedance Analysis machine that passes an electric current through you to give a comprehensive breakdown of your body composition. To use the Boditrax all you have to do is stand on a metal station and hold two metal tubes. It then analyses your body composition and stores the results in an account that you can access from anywhere.

The machine can tell you a host of information about your body, including your percentage of muscle, water, fat and bone, and the relative distribution of each (some example results are shown to the right). This can highlight important health indicators such as your amount of visceral body fat (that which is stored within the abdominal cavity close to your organs), as well as help a personal trainer to create a personalised regime for you. Regular No.1 Fitness customers can use the Boditrax as part of a weekly check-up to see how their fat and muscle distribution is improving.

• A 30-minute Boditrax consultation at No.1 Fitness costs £85; log on to or call 0207 621 1312 for more information

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