Euro 2016: Easyjet pilots are going to provide passengers with live score updates during flights

Caitlin Morrison
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Football fans will no doubt welcome the latest announcement from Easyjet (Source: Getty)

Budget airline Easyjet is stepping up its customer service game in a huge way this summer.

The company has just revealed that its pilots will update passengers with Euro 2016 scores in-flight. The information will be sent to the pilots from the airline's operations control centre at its Luton head office, via Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) messages – the only way to communicate with aircraft flying at 38,000 feet.

However, for those who wish to catch up with the action after they land and don’t want to know the score there will be a pre ‘Match of the Day’ style spoiler alert ahead of any announcement, the company said.

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“As football fans across Europe make their final travel arrangements - whether they are heading to France or elsewhere on the Easyjet network on holiday, we will ensure that we can contribute in keeping them updated with the action as it happens," Will Facey, head of network operations at Easyjet.

“We fly to the majority of the 24 counties’ teams competing in the competition and so are perfectly placed, as football fever grips the nations, to allow our passengers and crew to receive final scores.”

Of course, the service may not be necessary at all given that French pilots are set to wreak havoc on air travel with a three-day strike which kicks off tomorrow.

Today's news from Easyjet may take the sting out of recent reports that the airline wants to start cracking down on passengers who don't arrive at the airport early enough. Under new, tougher rules anyone who attempts to get through security with less than 30 minutes before takeoff will be prevented from going "airside" and then speeding to the departure gate.