Queen's 90th birthday flypast 2016: How to watch it, what time it's happening and which RAF aircraft are taking part

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Eight "elements" will pass Buckingham Palace, 30 seconds apart (Source: Getty)

It's not just the Queen being given presents for her 90th birthday - tomorrow, people across the capital will enjoy the spectacle of a birthday flypast as part of a weekend of celebrations, featuring dozens of RAF aircraft.

Have questions? Here's everything we know.

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What time will the flypast start?

The flypast will commence at 1pm on Saturday 11 June.

Where can I watch it?

Although aircraft will be coming from RAF Benson, Northolt, Shawbury, Coningsby, Brize Norton, Cranwell, Waddington, Malham and Scampton (that's the Red Arrows), they'll all be aiming for Buckingham Palace - so that's the best place to watch them.

Central London parks - including Hyde Park, Green Park and St James's Park - are all great locations to watch the flypast.

How will it work?

The flypast will be made up of eight "elements" of between two and nine aircraft, made up of 15 types of aircraft, from World War II jets to the Red Arrows. Each element will pass over Buckingham Palace 30 seconds apart from one another.

Which aircraft are taking part?

Beginning with Chinook, Griffin, Puna and AW109 helicopters, the flypast will include a Hurricane and a Spitfire, as well as Tornados and Typohoons, and finishing with a display from the Red Arrows. Here's the full running order (click or tap on the image to open it in a new window).

What else do I need to know?

The flypast marks the end of a weekend of celebrations for the Queen's 90th birthday - but five of the aircraft are being provided by squadrons celebrating their 100th birthdays. Convenient.