Step off that commuter train: Here is a list of the happiest jobs to have

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These people would probably be happier at home (Source: Getty)

Feeling sorry for yourself on the commute in to work? You might want to stop reading here.

New research has found those who categorise their profession as ‘homemaker’ are the most happy.

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On the other end of the spectrum, those who are least satisfied in their jobs work in marketing, advertising and PR, law enforcement and security, sales or are civil servants.

Accountancy, banking and finance, meanwhile, made for one of the happier categories.

In this sector, 20 per cent said they were very satisfied, 56 per cent were satisfied and 15 per cent were dissatisfied. Five per cent said: “Don’t know.”

The best things about these jobs are relationships with colleagues (30 per cent), good salaries (25 per cent) and good work-life balance (23 per cent). The top downsides were stress levels (30 per cent), inflexible working hours (18 per cent) and limited job security (17 per cent).

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The research, carried out for LV=’s Home Truths Index, surveyed 3,136 UK adults working across 26 industries. Participants were asked whether they are dissatisfied in their role.

The happiness score, out of 100, was calculated by adding together all of those who said they were satisfied with those who said they did not know. Being optimists, LV= reasoned that those who said they did not know were probably not that dissatisfied.

Homemakers’ high satisfaction levels were linked to being able to spend time with their children, low stress levels and flexible working hours. LV= pointed out, though, that homemakers do work long hours, clocking 66 a week on average.

The happiest occupations

Industry Happiness score
Homemaker 87.2
Hospitality and events management 86.3
Creative arts and design 84.4
Charity 83.9
Leisure, sport and tourism 83.7
Accountancy, banking and finance 83.5
Environment and agriculture 83.3
Information technology 82.8
Business consulting and management 82.7
Law 80.6
Engineering and manufacturing 79.5
Teaching and education 78.7
Healthcare 77.7
Science and pharmaceuticals 73.5
Energy and utilities 73.1
Administrator 72.7
Transport and logistics 72.3
Social Care 71
Retail 70.8
Civil Servant 70
Sales 67.4
Law enforcement and security 59.4
Marketing, advertising and PR 53.8