Map: Here are the areas where you can now order Amazon Fresh food and groceries in the UK

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Amazon Expands Grocery Delivery Service To Los Angeles Area
Amazon Fresh will be available in 69 postcodes initially (Source: Getty)

Amazon Fresh is finally here.

Now you can turn to the online retailer not just for books, clothes, the latest tech, and a million other things, but for fresh food too.

That means fresh fruit, meat, seafood, veg, dairy and baked goods, and more, just like any other supermarket's home delivery service, along with other store cupboard goods such as pet supplies, baby, health and beauty products. It includes the big well-known brands as well as items from local producers.

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People living in nearly 70 postcode areas in London will be able to use the new service, largely in East London.

Check out the map below for the areas that are covered.

Exact details of whether your postcode is eligible for the new service can be found on the Amazon site.

While just a handful of lucky Londoners are able to take advantage right now, rival supermarkets will likely be worried that Amazon intends to eat their lunch. The US retailing giant is bigging up its low cost and speedy delivery in comparison to others - and Amazon has a long and successful history of that in comparison to the big four supermarkets.

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Amazon Fresh boss Ajay Kavan said the roll out across the rest of the UK will be "methodical and considered".

A test of grocery deliveries began last year under the Amazon Prime Now banner, and which still lets you order items for delivery in as little as 60 minutes. It was expanded across London after initial trials and other cities followed by the suburbs surrounding the capital. The service has widely been seen as a test bed for the launch of Amazon Fresh in the UK, with the introduction of chilled and frozen food, as has Amazon Pantry - the cornershop rather than the Amazon Fresh superstore.

The ecommerce giant is also bringing the fight to supermarkets in terms of products to, creating its own brand range according to reports.

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