Brexit campaigners are “peddling nonsense” according to Prime Minister David Cameron

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Cameron says Leave campaigners like Boris Johnson are "peddling nonsense" on the EU referendum (Source: Getty)

Prime Minister David Cameron has launched a withering attack on Leave campaigners, accusing them of “peddling nonsense” and "telling complete untruths to the British people".

In a press conference in London this morning, Cameron highlighted yesterday's statement from the Institute of Fiscal Studies, which slammed justice secretary Michael Gove for arguing that Brexit would leave billions to spend on the NHS.

It was one of six claims from the Leave camp which Cameron rubbished, including the UK's liability for bailing out Eurozone countries, referenced by Boris Johnson yesterday, and that the UK rebate from the EU might be at risk.

The Prime Minister called the claims “irresponsible” and “wrong”.

“It is irresponsible. It is wrong. It is time that the Leave campaign was called out on the nonsense that they are peddling,” he said.

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Cameron refused to say if the alleged errors should exclude Leave-campaigning ministers from serving in the Cabinet.

“The points that they are making are to do with EU policy and most of the leaders of the Leave campaign haven't been as involved in it as I have,” he said.

“It's not for me to say why they have made those factual errors and mistakes, but it's for me to call it out.”

Responding, Ukip's Douglas Carswell said the comments showed the Remain campaign "in a blind panic" with polls showing a lead for Brexit, and called Cameron "chicken" for failing to take on Vote Leave campaigners in a debate.

Cameron will answer audience questions tonight in a TV session alongside Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

"David Cameron and George Osborne have both admitted that they have given up our right to veto future EU treaties, that the EU has ignored us in the past over bailouts and they know their guarantees on the renegotiation are about as trustworthy as their mate Nick Clegg’s pledges on tuition fees," Carswell said.

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