Referendum campaigners must do more to explain the implications for tax

Mark Sands
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David Cameron Conducts Q&A With Workers On the European Referendum
Can David Cameron explain what a Remain vote means for the taxes of your business? (Source: Getty)

Both sides of the EU referendum campaign have failed to explain how the vote will affect individual and corporate taxes, according to accountancy experts.

While Remain campaigners have been hitting out at their Brexit peers for failing to articulate a vision for the future, accountancy software expert TaxCalc had said neither side has presented a compelling answer on tax.

TaxCalc chief executive Tracy Ebdon-Poole said it is “deeply concerning” for campaigners to be unable to answer how tax would change in the aftermath of the vote.

“The truth is, anything could happen to taxes if the country votes to leave. Without any jurisdiction from the EU, HMRC may struggle to self-regulate and the UK government could change taxes dramatically; making payments unfair for both businesses and individuals,” Ebdon-Poole said.

“There must more pressure on the government to address the referendum’s implications on tax, as it is vital businesses and individuals are given time to prepare for potential changes.”