Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg's social media accounts were hacked this weekend

Caitlin Morrison
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Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg will need to update his passwords (Source: Getty)

Everyone knows that using the same password for all your online accounts makes it ten times easier for hackers to access your information - but even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg can't help taking the lazy route when it comes to internet security.

The tech boss was the target of hackers over the weekend, when his Twitter and Pinterest accounts were accessed by a group called OurMine Team. They also said they had accessed Zuckerberg's Instagram account, however a Facebook spokesperson refuted the claim.

OurMine Team said it was able to hack the accounts using information from the LinkedIn password dump of a few weeks ago, in which millions of LinkedIn passwords were stolen and put on sale online.

Twitter suspended Zuckerberg's account - @finked - when the hacking was discovered, according to tech news site Venture Beat. His Twitter account is now restored, although the Facebook boss has not tweeted since 2012.

However, recent events have shown that hackers aren't too bothered about how up to date a social network is - last week, Time Inc revealed that Myspace had been the subject of a data breach.