French finance minister says strikes have no "substantial impact" on the economy

Jessica Morris
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Michel Sapin said the strikes have been "limited to sectors" (Source: Getty)

The French finance minister, Michel Sapin, said weeks of strikes over controversial labour reform proposals would have little impact on the economy.

In an interview with the business newspaper Les Echos, he said: "So far, the strikes have been partial and limited to sectors. I don't see any substantial impact on activities."

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"Naturally, there are many striking images, but I see no substantial economic effect on activity."

Workers have been striking over the French government's employment law reforms package, approval of which would increase firm's power over pay, give them more freedom to negotiate holidays and leave as well as make it easier to hire and fire.

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But if the strikes continue for much longer they could spread to other sectors and hurt France's economic recovery, he added.

It comes as France gears up to host the Euro 2016 championships, which is expected to draw some 2.5m fans, next week.