Brexit campaigners have been handed another lead in the latest polling from YouGov

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David Cameron Makes Campaign Speech In London
Will David Cameron be able to turn around the polls showing a lead for Brexit? (Source: Getty)

Leave campaigners have been handed another boost, with the latest YouGov figures again showing a lead for Brexit, while almost three quarters of voters say they don't trust the Prime Minister.

The polls adds to growing suggestions of a Leave lead, with online and telephone polls last week both showing a swing towards Brexit.

In a June survey of almost 3,500 people commissioned by Good Morning Britain, Yougov found 45 per cent said they would vote to leave the EU, while 41 per cent backed a vote to remain and 11 per cent of voters remained undecided.

It shows a dramatic swing from May figures, when only 40 per cent backed Brexit, and 42 per cent supported Remain.

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An April survey showed 39 per cent supporting Leave, while 40 per cent lent their support to Remain.

The Yougov figures also showed trust in figures including Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron has fallen, with 72 per cent of the public saying they did not trust the Prime Minister, while 61 per cent said they did not trust the Labour leader.

Similarly, 55 per cent told Yougov that politicians were not addressing their concerns around the crucial vote, with immigration commonly cited as the most important issue around the referendum.

What's more, while the Treasury has repeatedly used analyses stressing the direct cost to households of a Brexit vote, the Yougov figures show increasing numbers would be willing to take a small financial blow to secure Brexit.

When people were asked to imagine that if they left the EU, they would be on average £100 a year worse off, 44 per cent said they would still vote Leave, up from 36 per cent who said the same in April.

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