EU referendum: Donald Trump will now visit the UK the day before the EU referendum

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The Trump International Golf Links Course Opens
Trump said his resort is the world's best (Source: Getty)

Presumptive Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump will now visit the UK a day before the EU referendum.

He'd originally planned for a fairly awkwardly timed visit the day after, on 24 June, but will be travelling to Scotland on 22 June instead to celebrate the reopening of his Trump Turnberry hotel.

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It's been reported that it may be because Trump wants to make a last ditch effort to sway British voters to vote for Brexit, though he has previously stated it is an issue for British people to make their minds up on.

That said, he has publicly stated that he thinks the UK would be better off outside of the EU.

After visiting what Trump calls the "world's best" resort, he'll go to Aberdeen, the oil capital of Europe, to visit his Club, and then onto Trump Doonbeg in Ireland, which he calls "the magnificent resort fronting on the Atlantic Ocean".

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The visits may raise question over the viability of his potential presidency, given his business commitments.

Number 10 has said that they are not intending to see any of the presidential candidates until the official candidate has been selected after the respective party conventions, despite widespread belief that there will be a Trump Vs. Clinton showdown.

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