Canary Wharfers get into bed with strangers in the name of theatre

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Financiers get friendly with strangers in Canary Wharf

Docklands workers are getting up close and personal with strangers.

If the success of dating app Happn in the financial district is anything to go by, Canary Wharfers have no qualms over getting into bed with strangers.

With that in mind, a new production on Adam's Plaza is encouraging just that, as actors in white beds are whispering their childhood memories to baffled onlookers this week.

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The immersive spectacle, Everything by My Side, encourages passers-by to slip in between the sheets with an actor and listen to childhood tales whispered from across the covers.

The series, which launched on Wednesday and runs shows at midday and from 5pm until 7pm every evening, features seven actors each with their own pristine white beds.

According to Fernando Rubio, the Argentinean artist behind the installation, each 15-minute performance calls for the audience to respond with silence and "an open mind to the challenging ideas and forms being used".

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A spokesperson said: "This intensively intimate theatre promises to deliver a personal moment in the middle of a bustling hub."

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