Brace yourself: 72 brand new emojis are hitting screens later this month

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Because it wasn't hard enough to find the face you need anyway
Because it wasn't hard enough to find the face you need anyway (Source: Getty)

The emojis you never knew you couldn't live without are finally arriving.

The body that polices the use of smiley faces (yes, it's a thing), signed off on a total of 72 new animated characters that will be rolled out later this month.

After a gruelling admission process that involves weekly phone calls among a top-secret body known as the "Emoji subcommittee", the final lucky winners have been selected.

We've got fist bumps, cowboys, lizards, croissants, dancers, nose-blowers, chop sticks and even paella. Here's the ones you'll be memorising keyboard shortcuts for in no time


Under the weather? Pulling a sicky to watch the Euros? Then really convey the extent of how bad that cold is to your colleagues by chucking this in the group chat.

Feeling green?

Best used alongside the sneezing face to convince them that they definitely shouldn't be sitting next to you for eight hours today.

Face palm

Typo on that vitally important final version of the client presentation? Take the sting out of the boss' rebuke by chucking this guy into the mix.

Wish me luck

Because nothing conveys the sincerity of "we're rooting for you" by using just one finger to send a two-finger salute (not that one).

Bump me, bro

You've signed the deal, but a handsake (also included in this month's update) isn't enough this time round.

Drum roll, please

Bonuses are about to be announced. Somebody can't make it to the office. Build the suspense with a silent drum roll.

Head over to Emojiepedia (also a thing) to check out the full list of 72 friendly faces, fists and animals that will be hitting screens later this month.

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