EU Referendum: Will these Brexit-based beers help you decide how to vote?

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Little Valley has brewed three referendum-themed beers (Source: Getty)

As the three-week countdown begins for the EU referendum, one brewery has found one sure-fire way to engage the British voting public.

The Yorkshire-based brewery Little Valley has launched three limited edition Brexit-themed beers aiming to "ignite the conversation" among the UK's undecided masses and encourage them to take a stance on the EU debate.

Little Valley has taken a decidedly less pro-Brexit stance than UK pub giant JD Wetherspoon, whose founder Tim Martin announced this week it had printed 200,000 pro-Brexit beer mats taking a swipe at International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde.

Don't worry if you can't handle a pint of bitter like Nigel Farage. Little Valley's beers are all pale ales that take on "distinct qualities" from each side of the argument.

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The first: In, is fruity and hoppy and strongly influenced by the continental attitude. The second: Out, is light ale with bold hints of Euroscepticism and a dry bitter finish.

Finally, for the undecided voters that exist in their millions: IDK, a mellow and malty pale ale, with a complex and thought-provoking finish.

Little Valley said that 10 million Britons still don't know or don't care enough to make a decision ahead of the referendum in June, with the brewery's referendum offering designed to target apathetic voters.

Drinkers are being encouraged to select their beer, make their vote using #IN, #OUT or #IDK, and share it with the world on social media in a bid to get the country engaged with what will be a historic decision.

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The beers are available in packs of 12 directly from the brewery for £35 including P&P, as well as through various retailers and wholesalers in both bottle and cask.

Sue Cooper, co-owner and founder at Little Valley Brewery, said:

We want to engage the nation with a debate that is monumental and what better way to do that than with a bit of quaffable political dialogue?

The development of the beers was lengthy to ensure the palette reflected the values of each side of the debate and appealed to the masses no matter where they sit on the political spectrum. We know that everyone likes to think they are a political expert down the pub and these beers will help to spark that great debate.

In the run up to the referendum, Little Valley will announce its alternative opinion poll based on which beers prove most popular, to make a prediction on the future of our country - a solid indicator indeed.

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