EU referendum: Former Eurovision Song Contest winner Bucks Fizz says no to Europe, signing up to play at anti-EU music festival Bpop Live

James Nickerson
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Bucks Fizz
Bucks Fizz won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981 (Source: Getty)

A former Eurovision Song Contest winner has said no to the EU.

Bucks Fizz, a British pop band of the 1980s, has declared they want to leave the EU.

They're going to be playing a Bpop Live, a music event in Birmingham in June.

For those not aware, Bpop Live is sponsored by Leave.EU, which you may be more aware wants to leave the European Union.

Why have they taken this long to come out? It takes time "Making your mind up" (sorry).

Bpop Live is a Brexit group that Leave.EU claims is made up of "British patriots", who are backing Leave.

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The line up has changed a few times since its conception, so let's all hope that Bucks Fizz can stand the heat. (Sorry, again).

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