Ryanair cuts its bag fee options from 108 to six

Caitlin Morrison
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Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary has waved goodbye to most of his baggage fee options (Source: Getty)

Budget airline Ryanair is cutting the number of bag fee options it offers from a whopping 108 to just six.

The Irish company said the move will reduce checked-in bag fees for 92 per cent of its customers.

The changes, which come into effect today, mean customers on domestic flights under two hours will have bag fees reduced by 50 per cent, while customers on all other flights under three hours will save up to 17 per cent.

Passengers on flights lasting over three hours won't see any change to their bag fees.

"These bag changes are in addition to our best-in-class cabin bag allowance, offering two free carry-on bags, and we’ll continue to offer the biggest and best choice of destinations, with the most on-time flights and a fantastic onboard experience, as we grow our fleet, traffic and routes – and all on the lowest fares," said Ryanair marking chief Kenny Jacobs.

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Ryanair's latest attempt to erase its image as offering low cost flights with low levels of customer service follows the company's recent pledge to reduce ticket prices, despite missing profit expectations in the year to 31 March.

Cutting the number of baggage fee options is part of Ryanair's Always Getting Better (AGB) programme, which was introduced in 2013 to tackle the problems of passengers' perception of the carrier's customer service.

The company's outspoken chief executive, Michael O'Leary, appeared to be surprised by the success of the AGB plan, stating in 2014: "If I had known being nice to customers would work so well I would have started many years ago."