US Presidential Election 2016: Donald Trump angered after PGA moves golf tournament from one of his courses to Mexico

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World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship - Final Round
Trump said he hopes the PGA has kidnapping insurance (Source: Getty)

Something has upset The Donald.

And this time, it's not Hillary Clinton or the national press. It's the PGA.

It has decided to move a leading golf tournament from one of his courses in Miami to Mexico, as it could not find sponsors to find the 2017 World Golf Championship at Trump's course.

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It's not surprising he's furious: He's spent much of his campaign lambasting Mexico and its migrants. He's even decided to boycott Oreo cookies because production moved from Chicago to the US' neighbour.

In response to the PGA's decision, he said the organisation had "put profit ahead of thousands of American jobs".

But PGA Tour commissioner Timothy Finchem said Trump's profile made it difficult to attract sponsors, adding: "It's fundamentally a sponsorship issue."

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"Donald Trump is a brand, a big brand, and when you're asking a company to invest millions of dollars in branding a tournament and they're going to share that brand with the host, it's a difficult decision.

"From a golf standpoint we have no issues with Donald Trump. From a political standpoint we are neutral. PGA Tour has never been involved or cares to be involved in presidential politics," Finchem added.

It's actually made Trump more steadfast, however. "This decision only further embodies the very reason I am running for president of the United States," he said.

"I hope they have kidnapping insurance," Trump told Fox News.

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