About to graduate? These are the 10 best jobs for Generation Z, based on growth prospects and salary

Emma Haslett
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Being a computer analyst could net you £100,000 a year (Source: Getty)

Forget millennials - a new generation is graduating this year, and is about to be unleashed onto the workforce. Get ready for Generation Z.

Born in 1995, this is the first generation which has been exposed to technology from birth. But what will they do once they graduate? CareerCast thinks it has the answer.

According to the US jobsite, the best career they can possibly opt for is computer and information systems analyst. Not only can they use their in-built knowledge of technology, but the sector has a median annual salary of $131,600 (£100,000) - and is expected to grow by 15 per cent in in the next eight year.

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Environmental engineer is similarly encouraging, with a median salary of $84,560 and growth of 12 per cent expected in the next eight years.

Other encouraging-looking jobs include financial planner (expected to grow 30 per cent), HR manager and information security analyst.

Median salary Growth to 2024
1 Computer & information systems analyst $131,600 15%
2 Environmental engineer $84,560 12%
3 Financial planner $89,160 30%
4 HR manager $104,440 9%
5 Information security analyst $90,120 18%
6 Interpreter/translator $44,190 29%
7 Market research analyst $62,150 19%
8 Registered nurse $67,490 16%
9 Software developer $100,690 17%
10 Statistician $80,110 34%

“Generation Z is focused on avoiding debt and that’s where financial planners come in,” said Kyle Kensing, online content editor at CareerCast.

“With the average retirement age expected to push 70 by 2050, early planning and smart savings strategies are paramount for the new generation, starting from the outset of their careers.”