Sharing is caring: Science has found a solution to tackling low battery on our mobile phones through new system PowerShare

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PowerShare would enable smartphone users to share battery power with one another (Source: Getty)

It's time to rejoice as science might finally have solved one of the most tiresome 21st century (and first world) problems we're all blighted with - low phone battery.

A new technology, called PowerShare, consists of docking aids and flexible coils that are embedded in a smartphone or smartwatch that allow you to control the power levels on your own device and to share your charge with other people by touching the two devices together.

Who said sharing isn't caring?

PowerShare, which has been created by researchers based at the University of Bristol, uses a circuit design that allows it to share power with other devices, overtaking existing Wireless Power Transfer products that allow smartphone users to power their phones with the need of an outlet.

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According to the researchers, around 12 seconds of charging with another device would generate one minute of talk time, reported LiveScience.

"Our design emphasises safety, minimises form factor, presents flexible coils and shows real world power transfer up to 3.1 volts," the researchers told LiveScience.

"Our cords support docking to support maximum transfer and receive coil alignment under 8mm."

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