EasyJet "Sneakairs": Airline is testing smart shoes to help customers explore destinations

James Nickerson
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The technology connects via bluetooth to a smartphone app (Source: EasyJet)

No joke: EasyJet wants to launch "Sneakairs" - smart shoes - to help travellers explore cities.

The airline has unveiled a prototype smart shoe with built-in technology that aims to help customers explore new cities with ease, so they can take in sites and surroundings.

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The technology connects via bluetooth to a smartphone app which uses the phone's GPS and directs the wearer which way to walk by triggering small vibrating sensors within the shoe.

EasyJet hopes the technology will see tourists being able to experience the sights without having to refer to a map or their phones for directions. As it says, "perfect for finding their way back to hotels after a night on Las Ramblas", a busting street in Barcelona.

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"We have developed this navigation solution because we have seen too many gaps in the market for a product which we think there is gap in the market for. It’s also a great fit for an airline such as EasyJet who fly so many people to new, perhaps unfamiliar destinations," Nuria Martínez, digital area director in D6, the tech developer, said.

"Throughout this project we had to factor in that the product should be low in energy consumption, small enough and think this product for fills that brief. We are looking forward to working with EasyJet on this project."

The EasyJet Sneakair prototype is planned to be rolled out for its passengers to purchase on-board in the future.

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