EU referendum: Poll indicates Remain has the lead with 50 days to go until the vote

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Remain campaigners have been stressing the risks of leaving the EU (Source: Getty)

With just 50 days to go until the United Kingdom votes on its relationship with the European Union Remain continues to lead, according to a new poll.

The latest polling by TNS shows that Remain has 39 per cent of support, while Leave has 36 per cent of support. Some 26 per cent are still undecided.

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"We are now starting to see the Remain campaign edge into a lead, although without a major boost which some may have predicted following the official visit of the President of the United States. The challenge for the 'Remain' campaign continues to be in getting a high turnout among younger voters," Luke Taylor, head of social and political attitudes at TNS UK.

Recent polling has mostly put Remain ahead, though a poll for the Sun on Sunday found that slightly more Britons want to leave the EU than remain a member.

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While bookies also largely predict a Remain vote, the contrasting polls indicate the outcome of the referendum is far from clear.

Sir Lynton Crosby, David Cameron's election guru, has been analysing ORB polls, and says that much will come down to which side can better motivate its supporters to turn up on the day and cast a vote.

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