EU referendum: David Cameron and Boris Johnson are no longer BFFs because of Brexit

Lynsey Barber
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David Cameron Takes To The Campaign Trail
Boris Johnson and David Cameron have been divided over Brexit (Source: Getty)

There's nothing like Brexit to break up friends.

While Britain is debating the EU referendum around the dinner table and at the pub (or, perhaps not), Britain's top leaders have been divided by the matter after taking opposing sides.

London mayor Boris Johnson's high profile backing of the Leave campaign has caused a rift with the Prime Minister who is supporting Remain.

Now, David Cameron has admitted “I’m still friends with Boris, just perhaps not such good friends,” after the division, despite the pairs' friendship dating back decades to their Eton and Oxford days together.

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In an interview with Glamour magazine, David Cameron said: “I think they have made the wrong decision, but they’re politicians and they have to decide,” of Johnson's decision, and justice secretary Michael Gove who also backs leaving the union, adding that he found it "frustrating".

The PM also insisted that he wouldn't stand down if the country voted for Brexit in the interview, due to be published in the June issue of the magazine on Thursday. He also said the debate over Europe to end if the vote on 23 June went the other way.

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