BT has hiked prices for thousands of TV, phone and broadband customers

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The cost of landline calls is about to rise (Source: Getty)
f you're a BT customer, get ready to sweat a bit as you open that bill.

The company has hiked prices for thousands of customers - while promising its users that service is about to improve.

The telecoms giant said line rental and the cost of its BT Sport package will both rise by £1, while the cost of its Infinity1 broadband package will rise by £2.05, it said.

Ooof. Perhaps it hasn't read the Advertising Standards Agency's harsh words on broadband pricing...

Meanwhile, the "set-up fee" for landline calls will rise to 19p, from 17.07p, while the amount people pay to call UK landlines and 0870 number will rise from 10.24p per minute to 11p.

The company hastily added that broadband customers will be given either a "free speed increase, a free upgrade to their usage allowance or a move to unlimited usage, as well as free BT Net Protect security software for all". They spoil us.

It also promised that it will fix faults with lines faster "by 24 hours".

To be fair to BT, it's not the only one that has hiked prices. Sky is hiking some of its TV packages by as much as £4.25 a month, and has added £1 to its line rental prices.

In February Virgin Media also raised prices for many of its bundles by as much as £3.99, while in October TalkTalk added £1 to its line rental prices and £2.50 to its broadband package.

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“We realise that customers never welcome price rises, but we have again ensured that low-income customers avoid increases," said John Petter, chief executive of BT Consumer.

"And we continue to highlight money-saving options for all customers, including those who just want a great value package of a line and calls, such as Home Phone Saver 2019.

"We have also done our best to ensure that all of our customers will get more value if their price is going up, and we know they want faster speeds and better online security from their broadband."

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