EU referendum: Film, TV and advertising sectors raise red flag over Brexit

Catherine Neilan
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EU Referendum - Signage And Symbols
Should we stay or should we go? Creative sectors are "firmly against Brexit" (Source: Getty)

It's not just big business that is warning about the impact of Brexit - a new survey has revealed that the majority of people working in the UK's media and creative sectors think leaving the EU could damage their industries too.

More than two-thirds of people (67 per cent) working in the film, TV and advertising sectors believe Brexit would have a negative effect on the UK's creative economy, according to a new survey by publisher Media Business Insight (MBI).

One in five people surveyed said leaving the bloc would have a positive impact on the media sector, while 11 per cent were unsure.

One of the biggest concerns was the knock-on effect it could have on UK companies selling rights to films and TV shows. Fears were also raised that it could harm the production of international movies and dramas being made in the UK.

People working in media production services – those providing locations, equipment and post production services to TV shows and films being made in the UK were the most concerned about the impact of Brexit – with 71 per cent saying it would have a negative impact on their business, compared to 66 per cent of film professionals and 59 per cent of those working in TV.

The TV industry was the most positive about Brexit, with 19 per cent saying it would benefit them.

On a personal level, however, the survey found a "strong pro-EU sentiment" across the different sectors, with just under 69 per cent saying there were in favour of remaining part of the European Union. Only four per cent of people said they were undecided.

Conor Dignam, chief executive of MBI - which publishes trade journals Broadcast, Shot and Screen, said: “The survey results clearly show the anxiety many in the media and creative sector have about the potential risks around Brexit.

"British film and TV is now part of a global business and there’s obvious concern about creating new barriers to creative and media companies and talent that needs to compete on an international basis.

“The verdict of the creative sector is firmly against Brexit based on our survey”.

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