Oops...Labour campaigners accidently let slip that Khan is way behind on his targets

Edith Hancock
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Zac Goldsmith Goes Head To Head With Sadiq Khan In First Mayoral Debate
"No, Sadiq, a London mayor needs to be at least this tall" - Khan is coming up short on his targets (Source: Getty)

Labour mayoral hopeful Sadiq Khan may be running away with the election in the polls, but his campaign team have let slip that he's way behind on his targets.

He's been criticised for his wooden character in the past, now The Capitalist fears that, for all his love of small talk, Khan still has 20,000 phone calls to make to hit his "conversations target".

The Capitalist's eagle-eyed spy in west London got in touch to share Labour campaigner's words of encouragement during a phone drive at Khan HQ.

If you look closely at the first picture, you will see the Sadiq "Khan-o-meter", which campaigners are using to track how many members of the public they can reach before the election on May 5.

With only a week to go before Londoners make their decision, Khan still needs to make 20,000 phone calls to reach his 30,000 target.

Interestingly, the idea dates back to the Ed Miliband's ill-fated general election campaign.

Miliband pledged to have four million conversations with voters in four months to secure the loyalty of the British public. That went well.

Alas, Khan's used to coming up short in this campaign. He looked a bit vertically challenged at City A.M.'s mayoral debate next to 6ft 3 rival Zac Goldsmith, and had trouble trying to outmanoeuvre a 6ft 5 gentleman on the tube on his way home.