It's been a bad day for Nigel Farage: He forgot which side he was on in the EU referendum and David Cameron called his surname "poncey"

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The Capitalist almost feels sorry for Nigel Farage. Almost. (Source: Getty)

Nigel Farage isn't having a great day.

The UKIP leader is facing ridicule from the House of Commons and great British public today for everything from social media gaffes to having a silly name.

The eurosceptic firebrand confused his devoted fans today when he accidently posted a Tweet in support of both David Cameron and the campaign to stay in the European Union.

The tweet was deleted moments later and replaced. Here's what it should've said:

Farage also got a name-check in the House of Commons, but only to have Prime Minister David Cameron deride his name as "poncey".

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During PMQs, David Cameron thanked Ben Bradshaw MP for not using the “poncey, foreign pronunciation” of Farage’s surname.

Unfazed by the swipe, Farage responded, telling the Sun: "The PM’s basically using "poncey" in the sense of an affectation. Where does the Old Etonian park his car? In a garaaahge? In a garage or a garrige?"

Farage is no stranger to politicians' swipes. John Zylinski, the Polish prince running for mayor, pledged to ban the UKIP leader from London altogether if he gets elected.

Frankly, Farage's response only raises yet more questions. How do you pronounce the UKIP leader's name?

City AM How do you pronounce "Farage"?

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