This is what you should be eating based on your job, according to healthy fast food chain POD

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Bankers should eat little and often, but brokers need to carb-load (Source: Getty)

Keeping up a healthy diet in the City has never been easier, but are we eating the right food for our jobs?

News reaches us from healthy food chain POD that London workers should be making diet plans based on what they do for a living.

There's plenty of evidence to suggest what we eat for breakfast can determine how much work we get done throughout the day, but the healthy food firm claims that we should also be thinking about the kind of work we have to do, and how best to fuel it.

Whether you're an energetic young creative, a stressed-out banker or a calm and collected personal assistant, here are three diet plans the chain suggests to get the most out of your working week.

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​PRs, marketers, journalists, artists, DJs and, as far as POD's spokespeople are concerned, City traders fall into the creatives category. These careers all demand high energy, quick thinking, creative ideas and boundless optimism, so the chain recommends plenty of carbohydrates.

"Creatives tend to be a carb-phobic group," a spokesperson for the firm said. "But the right type, amount and timing of carbohydrates can help sustain the pace."

City traders and PRs should eat plenty of slow-release carbs for breakfast - things like porridge oats, fruit and nuts or wholegrain cereal - but phase them out gradually throughout the day. Avoid anything high in fat or sugar to avoid the 2pm "slump", and eat foods rich in tryptophan like dairy, chickpeas and red meat at night to help you get to sleep.

Office Angels

"These are the people that keep everything working - the admin, support and assistant staff". POD argues that personal assistants don't need to eat as many carb-laden foods as free-thinking creatives, but should think long and hard about their iron intake as "iron status is associated with planning ability".

The firm suggests support staff should start the day off with a green smoothie, and use their organisational talents to keep on track: "A healthy snack plan is essential to avoid grazing during the day. Desk drawers should be packed with go-to snacks should the boss ask for something just when it's time to eat."

High Flyers

No prizes for guessing who falls into this category - investment bankers, accountants, lawyers and analysts. The firm is particularly worried about this group, who have "long hours", "high brain output" and "chronic stress".

POD says finding the perfect diet for an investment banker is a tricky one; jobs are desk-based so require little movement, but bean-counting takes a lot of brain power, so high-flyers should eat "little and often".

Start the day with smoked salmon and scrambled egg on wholegrain toast, and make sure to eat snacks with slow-release carbs throughout the day. According to the firm, bankers and lawyers should avoid scheduling meetings for 2pm "at all costs", as productivity tends to dip right after lunch.

Bad news for those hoping to rinse the company credit card; the firm says that lunch and dinner business meetings are terrible ideas when it comes to productivity, as the excitement of going out to eat triggers a release of hormones that affect the digestive system, "but this is how business is done".

"There is a tendency when walking into a restaurant to think celebration and anything goes - but it doesn't," the chain said.

"Remember, this is work, so save the celebrations for friends and family".

Yeah, like that will happen.