It's not just David Cameron and Michael Gove trading barbs over Brexit anymore - their wives have had a "foul-mouthed spat"

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David Cameron and Michael Gove may look like they have a good working relationship despite their Brexit views, but is it all too good to be true?

Samantha Cameron and Sarah Vine (aka Mrs Michael Gove) are no longer on speaking terms, after a "foul-mouthed spat" between the pair at Tory chairman Lord Andrew Feldman’s 50th birthday party, the Sun has reported.

The fight between Cameron and Vine broke out at the party in February, soon after Gove’s decision to back vote Leave's Brexit campaign. The pair have been good friends for over 10 years, but according to the newspaper, Cameron went straight for Vine over her husband's "betrayal" of the Prime Minister.

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An eyewitness said Sam insisted Gove’s decision meant he was abandoning her husband’s premiership.

According to the source, the PM’s wife was also livid about an article in the Daily Mail Vine had written to explain Gove’s tortured dilemma, in which she aired private conversations with David Cameron.

Justice secretary Michael Gove announced his decision to back Vote Leave in February, but is still considered a close political ally of the PM despite their views on Brexit.

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Earlier this month Gove launched an attack on pro-EU tactics at a Vote Leave event, claiming the Remain camp are treating voters "like children who can be frightened into obedience".

Speaking of children, the anonymous tipster at Lord Feldman's birthday claims that the politicians' wives descended into "effing and blinding" as they hammered out their differences.

Apparently, Samantha Cameron and Sarah Vine haven’t spoken since the row, but did exchange texts on Sam Cam’s 45th birthday (which presumably didn't contain too many smiley face emojis...).

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