Say what? A third of us wouldn't mind being microchipped at work

Lynsey Barber
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Workers In Offices At Night In London
Easy come, easy go... at work if you're chipped (Source: Getty)

Fancy having a chip implanted in you? Fancy using it at work to get around the office or log on?

It may sound more like science fiction (however close it is to becoming reality) and a rather creepy concept - but surprisingly, a third of us wouldn't mind at all being microchipped at work in order to do these very things, provided privacy was guaranteed.

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This rose to half of people if they were already using contactless bank cards, indicating just how easy swiping and tapping makes our lives (or how lazy/impatient we are). Does that mean contactless cards are the technological equivalent of a gateway drug when it comes to embracing progress?

The survey, by ComRes for Nesta as it announced its FutureFest festival line up, also found more than a quarter of young people aged between 18 and 34 said they would happily date a robot if it looked like a human being. Kids these days, eh?

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