City A.M. Unregulated podcast: Episode four - Does The Divide mean capitalism has failed?

City A.M. Reporter
Children In Tower Hamlets Are Poorest In The UK According To Latest Research
The Divide tracks seven people in the US and the UK as they strive for a better life (Source: Getty)

Unlicensed and off-the-leash, this is City A.M. Unregulated. A no-holds-barred, uncensored look at the stories breaking the news and the markets across the globe.

Unregulated dives straight into one of capitalism's biggest debates this week: as The Divide, the documentary looking at the story of seven people as they strive for a better life, is released in cinemas, is this conclusive proof the free market experiment has failed?

Presenters Emma Haslett and Zak Mir ask whether greed is good - and does capitalism need it to survive?

Joining the show this week - Katharine Round, director of The Divide, A Very Good Company founder Natalie Campbell and political pundit David Cracknell.

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