David Cameron still viewed as the most capable leader but Jeremy Corbyn seen as more honest

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Cameron is viewed as extremely patriotic (Source: Getty)

Despite the Panama papers furore and the government's controversial £9m taxpayer-funded pro-EU leaflet, Britons still view David Cameron as the most capable leader.

According to a new poll published by Ipsos Mori, Cameron is ahead on a variety of measures against Jeremy Corbyn, Nigel Farage and Tim Farron.

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When asked about various attributes of each of the leaders more than half (53 per cent) say that Cameron is a capable leader, compared with 27 per cent who say the same for Corbyn.

Some 16 percent view Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron as a capable leader and almost one in four (24%) say Ukip's Farage is capable.

Cameron is well ahead of the Labour leader in other areas such as on being good in a crisis, having a clear vision for Britain and having a lot of personality.

Nigel Farage, however, leads all four leaders on the latter quality, while Corbyn leads the Prime Minister on being more honest than most politicians.

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When it comes to leadership satisfaction ratings 37 per cent say they are satisfied with Cameron doing his job as Prime Minister, but 56 per cent say they are dissatisfied. One in three (38 per cent) are satisfied with Corbyn doing his job as Labour leader, with 43 per cent dissatisfied.

Gideon Skinner, head of political research at Ipsos MORI, said:

David Cameron remains well ahead on some of the key attributes voters tell us they want to see in a Prime Minister, such as being capable and good in a crisis, despite rising numbers of people thinking he is out of touch and Jeremy Corbyn’s ratings as the most honest of the party leaders.

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