Virgin London Marathon 2016: City boys don fancy dress and STILL lead the pack

Edith Hancock
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Some runners did even better for wearing fancy dress (Source: Getty)

Everyone knows what the Virgin London Marathon is really all about: stupid and impractical costumes.

The City has some of the speediest marathon runners in the country, and a few of them even thrashed the competition in full costume.

Following the release of our City marathon league table, Londoners have reached out to The Capitalist to share candid pictures of their financial friends getting hot and bothered in their costumes.

When it comes to superhuman feats, look to Mondrian fund manager Matt Gunby. The speedy Square Mile slicker dressed up as Wonder Woman for the race and finished in a truly astonishing 02:27:43.

Gunby's compact costume helped him avoid wind resistance issues and beat many of the City boys in our league table. Our man at Mondrian takes third place in our runner rankings.

The tight shorts didn't go unnoticed. The financier said he wasn't sure whether to take it as a compliment when one onlooker shouted: "Wonder Woman you need to get off the steroids!".

They say it isn't a real marathon until someone wears a banana costume.

So it was with Andrew Lawrence, vice president at Barclays' corporate bank, who took home the world record for fastest marathon runner dressed as a piece of fruit.

Lawrence made it into last year's runner rankings with a time of 02:29:08. Sadly, the banana suit created a bit of drag, but the Barclays banker still finished last weekend's race in an impressive 02:47:00.

Earlier this year, three City boys got in touch to share the news that they pledged to run the London Marathon as a four-legged troupe after using the plot to try and impress some girls on a night out.

Charles Reynolds, Oliver Smith and Fraser Barrett kept their word, completing the marathon with a time of 04:44:19. They even broke the Guinness World Record for quadrupedal long-distance athletics.

Well done, you complete nutters.