Beautiful Things: The items on our shopping list this month, from vintage turntables to giant pink thumbs

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Bermuda Dansette Turntable

Founded in Ohio in the 1920s, Crosley Broadcasting was a pioneer in early radio, launching and running several stations before moving into the mass market manufacturing of radio and vinyl record players. At a time when radios were bulky, wooden luxury items, the players Crosley produced and sold were among the first affordable appliances of their kind, ushering in a new era of home entertainment for the masses.

The company became defunct in 1968, scattering the rights to the Crosley name to the winds, though here the company’s retro-stylings have been invoked with the launch of the new Bermuda Dansette vinyl turntable. One of a range of vintage replicas, this record player’s detachable legs and built-in stereo speakers allow this funky and fashionable piece of furniture to sing in any corner of any room.

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