EU referendum odds: Call it the Obama effect? Odds have moved against Brexit again

Lynsey Barber
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President Obama And The First Lady Depart The UK
Bye-bye 'bama... and Brexit? (Source: Getty)

The odds of Britain voting to leave Europe in the upcoming referendum have changed again, putting the prospect of leaving at one of its lowest points yet, according to one bookie.

"The remain odds are shortening by the day. Brexit campaigners have been dealt several blows recently and that's been reflected by punters' cash," said Ladbrokes' Jessica Bridge.

After chances of Brexit diminished "drastically" after Obama last week attempted to corral the nation into remaining, that trend has apparently continued into the weekend. The chances of leaving the EU have now fallen to 27 per cent as money poured into Remain.

Obama urged on Friday that the nation votes in favour of remaining in Europe, while Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton followed suit.

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