Another Cadbury's recipe change, Brexit blues, the Queen's 90th birthday and the shareholder spring that never was: Here's what got us talking this week

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Twin sisters sharing secrets
You'll never guess... (Source: Getty)

Cadbury's left us open-mouthed with yet another recipe shake-up. A new job working for the Queen came with added perks. And London's iconic statues were given some help with their breathing.

Forget the economy - won't someone think of our cheese? (Source: Getty)

1) Brexit boxing

The Treasury published its 200-page report on the impact Brexit would have on the UK - issuing a stark warning for many industries - but even before the full details were released Vote Leave campaigners were rubbishing the figures. David Cameron waded in later on in the week to warn about the impact it could have on our cheese and sausages. But it seems voters are split down regional lines anyway.

2) Shareholders aren't as revolting as we thought

Bob Dudley might not have got his pay but after Friday afternoon's vote, HSBC boss Stuart Gulliver will be He's not the only executive to shrug off fears of a shareholder spring over creeping pay but FTSE 100 firms aren't out of the woods yet - an overhaul of practices could be in the post.

3) Running amok

It's the London Marathon this weekend. For those running here are some tips on getting over the wall and how to predict your finish time, while for spectators who haven't planned in advance, you can find the best pubs to watch the run along the route here. If you're considering signing up for next year, you might want to read this. And if the thought of it all just makes you feel exhausted, well, wait until you read what house price on the route are doing.

4) Turning 20 (pound notes)

The Bank of England's big reveal late on Friday afternoon was the new face of the £20. The fact the press conference was being held in Margate definitely didn't give the game away, guys....

5) Everything seems smaller these days...

You're not imagining it. Some of our favourite products are getting smaller (but not cheaper).

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