City A.M. Unregulated podcast: Episode three - Multi-millionaire entrepreneur Jim Mellon on how he got rich - and his investment strategy

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Entrepreneur Jim Mellon on how he made his money (Source: Getty)

Unlicensed and off-the-leash, this is City A.M. Unregulated. A no-holds-barred, uncensored look at the stories breaking the news and the markets across the globe.

In the third episode of our podcast, multi-millionaire entrepreneur Jim Mellon joins presenters Emma Haslett and Zak Mir from his home in Berlin to explain how he made his money.

From scary beginnings in Russia - "I had to put a chair under the door handle" - to why he believes everyone should be investing in biotech, and his outspoken views on Brexit, Mellon explains his strategies, including how he comes up with his ideas.

Listen below - or your can subscribe on Audioboom or iTunes.

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