Secret Cinema Presents: 28 Days Later is as accomplished as anything the company has tried before

Steve Dinneen
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Beware of the zombies

You know the drill by now: turn up at a secret location, wear a certain outfit – a haz-mat suit or hospital scrubs in this case – and experience an immersive theatrical experience based on a popular movie. This time it’s 28 Days Later, and the frenetic opening minutes more than live up to the clear potential that movie offers.

Going into detail is strictly forbidden but we can say that there are a) lots of zombies, and b) lots of running from zombies. Secret cinema must have stretched the health and safety guidelines as far as they'd go: there's a real sense of urgency to the set-pieces, which are as thrilling and well executed as anything the company has attempted before.

As ever, its success lies in the attention to detail, and the sets recreated from the movie are painstakingly accurate, and complimented by first-rate acting. And at the end, you get to watch 28 Days Later, which is just as good as you remember.

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